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Bill of Sale Camper

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Bill of Sale Camper – Authorizing Transfer of Ownership:

Summary: Sale of camper is a big deal and when you do this sale, it is important to prepare a bill of sale camper and here templates can help you.

A bill of sale is a document that texts the paid transfer of goods from one individual to another. It is generally needed for transferring a title, when selling a personal property like a car or a recreational vehicle, which is shortly called as RV. These vehicles can also be called as campers as well. The reason is that they are used for camping purpose and the benefit associated with these vehicles is that they will have all sorts of facilities like refrigerator, fan and even cookware and stove, such that a camping family need not have to go in search of restaurants for their food requirements as everything can be prepared in the vehicle itself.

Sales happen:

Some owners of these campers at some point of time wish to sell off this vehicle, just for meeting their sudden financial requirements or just because they are of the opinion the vehicle will not be of any use to their family anymore. In such a case, it becomes the responsibility of the owner to prepare a bill of sale camper, such that the purchaser and even the seller himself will have the appropriate evidence for transfer of ownership. If you are looking for how to prepare this document, here are some tips that will help:


Yes, individual sellers will not have the knowledge on how to prepare the bill of sale camper document. But, there need not be any worry as he can find templates for the same. There are reliable websites with these templates for the seller to download, such that he can prepare the document accordingly. Generally, this document should be prepared in two copies, one for the seller and the other for the purchaser. When it will act as the proof for the seller, the buyer can use it as a legal proof that he is presently the owner of the camper. Even, the buyer will have to take the paper to the State Motor Vehicle Agency to handle tasks related to transfer of title to his name.

General details needed:

Once the appropriate template is chosen or even before the template is obtained, it is important for the seller to keep certain details ready to fill up the document with ease. Here are the details that will form part of the document:

  • The names of the seller and buyer
  • The cost of sale
  • The make, model number, brand and vehicle identification number of the camper. Even, in some places, it will be compulsory to note down the odometer reading as well.
  • It is also important to get notary public signature once the details are completely filled. So, the seller can call up the notary public officer to get appointment, so that signature can be obtained after filling up complete details in the bill of sale camper document.

Finally, if the sale is worth a lot of money, it is better to have a lawyer by your side, who will ensure that state-specific rules are rightly followed.

Here are some sample of “camper bill of sale form” from google search:


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