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Business Plan Template – Use Appropriate Template for Any Type of Plan:

Summary: Planning is something essential for our day-to-day, but it is more important when it comes to business operations.

A popular saying reads that ‘we always plan too much and always think too little’. But, this should not happen in the case of a business plan. Business plans should be framed after thinking well about the consequences of execution and the benefits should also be forecasted to a certain extent. There are four distinctive types of business plans and regardless of the type, the planning authority can find appropriate business plan template to make the work easier.

Four types of business plans:

Here are the four distinctive types of business plans:

  • Short or mini plans
  • Presentation plans or decks
  • Working plans and
  • What-if plans

Each of these types need different levels of labor and success relies on different factors. The success mainly depends on whether the right plan is used in the right circumstance or situation. For instance, a potential investor might be in need of an elaborate business plan, while an employee, who will be working at a lower cadre, need not be provided with an elaborate plan. Now, let us get into the details about the four types mentioned earlier and it is important that the appropriate template should be chosen, before actually beginning the process of planning.

The miniplan:

There are templates available for this type and the purpose is to give a quick gist of even a long-term plan. This means that the same ingredients related to longer plan should be used in this type as well, but the highlights are to be reduced when telling the story. This type can be ideal for small businesses.

Presentation plan:

The Microsoft PowerPoint has brought about a revolutionary change in the way in which plans are presented. Just within a 20-minute presentation, it will be possible to cover all the important points and it will be possible for the planning authorities of the organization to tell the story about their business right from concept to mission statements via financial forecasts. Even though, this type of concise, it needs a lot of planning and of course, the selection of the right business plan template in this regard will be helpful.

The working plan:

Working plan is nothing, but a tool to be used for operating the business. It can give a detailed outlay, but the presentation might be shorter in this type of plan. Like a miniplan, under this type, it will be possible to afford to higher degree of frankness and informality. When the appropriate template is chosen for framing the working plan, it will be possible to present it to the bank loan committee and the reason is its effectiveness.

The what-if plan:

It is highly important for organizations to have a mitigation plan when they are framing their business plan. This is important as anything can happen at any time in the process of business operations. This is what-if plan all about and here too business plan template when appropriately chosen can come handy.

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