Certificate Of Incumbency

What is Certificate of Incumbency?

A document that confirms the ability of an agent or corporate officer to execute definite actions for the company is called as certificate of incumbency. Usually, this document consist of the name of the officer, designation, duration of his/her appointment for the post, his/her authorities, etc.

A Secretary or company officer signs this, and it is the proof that an authorized person of the company has the capacity or authority to sign and release documents for the business. It can verify the names of the directors and shareholders as well as offer the sample of their signs whenever needed. Also, it includes the applicable privileges and rights. For instance, if the company required opening a delegate office in overseas, the incumbency will catalogue all the documents which the administrator may sign and release.

Remember that only authorized copies are acceptable for advance legalization. Notarized or computer generated copies are not acceptable for legalization.

Certificate of Incumbency is given by the authorized agent, and it encloses the below-mentioned information:

  • Company name
  • Date of formation/incorporation
  • Registration number
  • Authorized Capital (for companies)
  • Company’s Managers/Directors
  • Company’s officers
  • Company’s Members/ Shareholder

This certificate is compulsory for opening company bank accounts in several international banks. If Apostille legalizes the Certificate of Incumbency, then there is no need of further document legalization by consulate or embassy of the overseas country. This document is also known as Secretary Certificate, Register of Directors, Officer Certificate, Certificate of Officers and Incumbency Certificate.

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