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Exchange Agreement, Brokerage Arrangement

Free Printable Exchange Agreement, Brokerage Arrangement FormFree Printable Exchange Agreement, Brokerage Arrangement Form

Exchange Agreement, Brokerage Arrangement

_________________, referred to as OWNER, and __________________, referred to as BROKER, agree:

OWNER owns property described as:

which OWNER desires to exchange for:

Like kind property, with no more than $_____(________________& ___/100 dollars) boot required to be paid by OWNER, and no more than $_____(_____________&___/100 dollars) boot to be received by OWNER. The transaction procured by BROKER shall qualify for a tax free exchange for OWNER, subject to the limitations of boot described above.

BROKER is herewith appointed to act as exclusive agent to negotiate an exchange for a period of _ months, under the terms and conditions stated above. Should BROKER procure an exchange, meeting the criteria stated above BROKER shall be entitled to compensation as follows:

A minimum commission of $_____(____________&___/100 dollars); and ____ per cent of boot received (if any).

Dated: _________________

Exchange Agreement, Brokerage Arrangement
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist in its preparation. This Exchange Agreement brokerage is a standard agreement for such circumstances. You can alter the terms and conditions easily within the document itself.

1. Make multiple copies. Put a copy with the transaction file and be sure each signatory has one.


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  1. Ava Brown
  2. Isabella Jones
  3. Emily Miller
  4. Elizabet Taylor
  5. Madison Moore
  6. Sophia Johnson
  7. Mia Davis
  8. Olivia Williams
  9. Emma Smith
  10. Abigail Wilson

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