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Worried About the Format of your Car Bill of Sale? Download Free Car Bill of Sale Templates Online

Are you thinking of selling your old car and getting a brand new luxury sedan? Well, buying and selling cars and vehicles are relatively easier nowadays with online portals and websites facilitating your buying and selling process. Starting from finding potential buyers and sellers to finding out about the reviews of the latest model of a particular brand, these online portals can take care of everything. You can even compare prices and find out about the entire process of buying and selling vehicles together with the legalities involved from these websites and portals. So you need not worry if you are still confused about the template of your car bill of sale. There are quite a handful of websites that offer you the templates of a car bill of sale, that too absolutely free.

A car bill of sale is a necessary document in the transfer of ownership of a vehicle. It states that the transfer of ownership of the vehicle of a particular model has been completed with the full payment of the agreed sale price at the particular date and location with the names and particulars of the seller and the buyer mentioned in details. Though it is a common practice to conclude any sale with a bill of sale, few countries and even a few states of the USA do not make it mandatory. But it is always better to keep a record of your purchase or sale and the payment made or received so as to avoid any trouble in future. A car bill of sale is often treated as a legal document but in such cases it needs to be notarized. The free car bill of sale templates available online are quite helpful in cases where the motor vehicle department of your state does not provide you with one. You can also format your own bill of sale with the details of the buyers and the sellers, the name and make and all particulars of the vehicle, the time, date and location of the sale and with all terms and conditions and warranty related to the sale. The bill of sale should be duly signed by both parties to avoid any conflicts later.

Most of the free car bill of sale templates contain these details, some come with an added notary section in states and countries where it is the requisite to get the bill of sale notarized. If it is not mandatory then the notary section can be removed without any worries. It must also be noted that only go for your own bill of sale if your state or country does not provide you with one. So, if you are planning to sell your car or get a new one, find out all about the requisites and the formats of car bills of sale. After all, a car bill of sale is not just for legal use in case. It also helps you maintain your accounts and comes in very handy at the end of the accounting year when you pay your taxes and submit proofs for the same.

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