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Guardian Of Minor Children, Conditional

Free Printable Guardian Of Minor Children, Conditional FormFree Printable Guardian Of Minor Children, Conditional Form



Death Certificate, request for

A Death certificate is a formal and official document issued by the government that gives a proof of evidence of the deceased state of a person. It provides the information about the person who died, how he or she died, more information of the cause of death of a person as well as the personal information about the person who died. It is one of the most important documents we must process and settle about especially when it’s about our loved ones because of the following reasons:

  1. There’s an instances that the person who died has a life insurance. It can help a lot to the family of the person who died especially in financial matters. In claiming these kinds of matters, they will need to acquire a proof of evidence that the person has really died and if the way of his death is stated on the said insurance he or she has.
  2. If the person who died has a Pension, they will ask for the death certificate before you’ll have the financial help of the agencies or government departments that issued the Pension.
  3. A Death certificate is needed for the future marriage of the widow or widower. Some countries allow the second marriage only when there is proof that your spouse has already died.
  4. It is also important in settling accounts and properties of the person who died. Family can have the rights on the said properties when there’s a proof that you are his or her biologically family.

We can have and get it in the authorized agencies that give the said certificate. We can process it personally or not depending on the state of the person who needs it. There are cases of acquiring it through the other person but it needs evidence of confirmation that you allowed it. It should contain the exact name of the person who will get the death certificate, your name, the date of birth, address, basic information and the reason of acquiring death certificate. It can be paid personally or through Bank accounts. It needs the credit card number, expiration date and exact name of the card. It should be signed over a printed name and they will ask for a government-issued ID for security purposes. Be polite and make it professionally.


Guardian of Minor Children, Conditional

Whereas, ______________________ and ___________________, are the parent and natural guardians of the following child (ren):

I designate _____________ of ___________, _________ to act as guardian of the minor child (ren) stated above upon my incapacity to so act.

Should _____________ be unable or unwilling to serve, I nominate _____________ of _________, _________ to act as the guardian of the minor children in the place of _____________.

Upon my disability, the designated guardian shall have the following authority:
a) Residential custody of the minor child (ren);
b) Approve medical treatment of any kind or type or to disapprove the same within the bounds of the law;
c) Designate schooling for the minor children, and access to any and all of their educational records;
d) Generally act in loco parentis.

In the event that I am the custodian of any property for the minor children under the Uniform Transfer to Minor’s Act, or the Uniform Gifts to Minors Act or similar statute, I designate the guardian or successor guardian to act as custodian for all such custodial property.

In the event that formal legal proceedings are commenced to establish a guardian for the child, it is my desire that the guardians mentioned herein have priority in appointment.

The failure to list an individual as a guardian or successor guardian is intentional.

Dated: __________________________



STATE OF ________________
COUNTY OF _______________

Before me, the undersigned authority personally appeared the above signatory (signatories) who acknowledged to me execution of this durable power of attorney.
Commission Expires:
Guardian of Minor Children, Conditional
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. This document is a good well care document to have to put your financial affairs in order. It permits the rapid assumption of authority should an accident or other unexpected circumstance impair your ability to act as a parent. This is a particularly important document for single parents. The designated guardian (s) need not sign the document. It is up to you whether you wish to inform these people of this circumstance.

Unless you engage in dangerous occupations such as a soldier, high altitude climber, or like occupation, you are unlikely to have need of this document. But, if you do work in a high-risk occupation, and are a single parent, this is an important document for your children’s protection and smooth transition should something happen to you.

The notary step expedites matters since courts like notaries and official documentation of this kind. Make multiple copies. Be sure they are readily available should something happen to you, otherwise they will lose their effectiveness.

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