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Lawyer Letter

lawyer letter lawyer letter lawyer letter lawyer letter lawyer letter lawyer letter

What is lawyer letter?

Lawyer letter is a legal document which is issued to the opposite party as a reminder of the important litigation for the client. This litigation may be pending and significant for the client. These letters are used by different parties for different purposes such as if the litigation is financial in nature then the financial accountant of the party may use it to prepare the financial statement for the client. The lawyer letter is issued by the lawyers but it is with respect to the case that may be either going on or impending.

The content of the lawyer letter

The lawyer letter is important from the point of view of the party which is filing the case. It should be detailed and without flaws so that other party may not be able to find loopholes in the letter and consequently the case itself. The following are the important things that must be included diligently in the lawyer letter:

  • Name of the both the parties: The name of the party filing the case and that of being litigated should be mentioned with proper address so that the letter is received properly.
  • The subject: The subject or the matter which is of significance that is the fact that this letter is about the litigation should be stated clearly
  • The cause of litigation: The cause and the impending consequences if the cause is not taken care of should be stated as clearly and as detailed as possible.
  • Signature: The letter should finally be signed and dated.

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