Liability Form Template

Different types of release of liability forms

Want to protect your company from getting sued in case of any unforeseen incident takes place at the event which you are organizing? Then you have to make the participant sign on the release of liability form. This form has to be prepared in legal language without any jargons by the experts. This form has to be signed by both the parties, i.e. the participant and the owner or organizer who is organizing the event. In case of any physical injury or death of the person while participating in the event, then the company would not be liable for it. This Liability Form Template is an inexpensive way to secure yourself from paying for the damages due to unexpected incidents. Though, you have a disclaimer printed on the product, pamphlets, and other places, but it is better to have a legal document between a participant and you to submit them in the court in case, if the victim sues you.

There are different types of release of liability forms available which can be used by the businesses to protect their profits and assets.

Car accident liability form: In case, if your customer or client met with the car accident and you have made an amicable settlement with them, then this form does not allow the other person to file for insurance claim. You need to make the person sign on this form before making payment to deter him/her from making further claims for fake injuries and damages.

Contractor release form: Once you hire a contractor, you need to make him sign this Liability Form Template form to avoid liens on the property.

Equine release form: This form is mainly used by the people who render the services pertained to horse riding, riding lessons, grooming, etc. In case, if the person who came to learn horse riding, if is injured while riding, then signing of this form will protect you from paying the expenses for his/her injuries.



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