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Minor, Contract Status

Free Printable Minor, Contract Status Form

Free Printable Minor, Contract Status Form

Minor, Contract Status


A contract is a legal agreement between two parties. This will be accepted by the law if it is valid and contains the following elements:


  • Offer and acceptance;
  • An Acceptable intention between the parties to build relations;
  • Consideration to be paid for the promise made;
  • Capacities of the parties to act are legal;
  • Genuine consent of the parties; and
  • Legality of the agreement


Nevertheless, a contract with an involving minor is considered voidable or the minor may prevent the legal liability on what is in the contract, which is a general rule regarding contracting with a minor. This is to protect young individuals that may not be able to face the consequences of the said contract and to prevent minors to be a part of a troublesome work.


In addition, a contract to be signed by a minor can also not be voided in many ways like:


  • Necessaries: this adds up the health and safety of the minors, shelter, food, and clothing. Also, automobiles are considered necessaries
  • Bank accounts: minors are required by the court to comply with the banking agreement’s terms as they are forwarded to fees and penalties like other costumers.
  • Employment Contracts: minors in this generation are hard-working, so they have the tendency to apply for work. In this contract, additional contract is needed to be passed, the parental consent.
  • School Contracts: every school or universities have various numbers of rules and regulations made by the school heads. The contracts to be given to minors are the official approval and acceptance of the rules and regulations of the school.


There are two ways to void a minor’s contract:


  1. The minor will file a lawsuit asking permission to the court to void the signed contract
  2. The minor will raise his defense of lack of capacity if he has been sued


The minor must disclaim the contract, wholly, to be able to void the contract. The minor cannot choose provisions of the contract that he or she favored.

Minor, Contract Status

___________________________ hereby ratifies that a certain contract entered into with _______________, on _________ related to ________________, and hereby appended, was entered into when ___________________________ was a minor. Notwithstanding that fact, the contract shall be enforceable to the extent permissible by law for a minor.
Dated: _______________________________

___________________________ By Principal
___________________________ By Minor

Minor, Contract Status
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. The document can be used as an Exhibit to an original contract, which is a wise idea, for those agreements involving minor children. In addition, it can be used after the fact, as it is here, to ratify the understanding of the parties.

To strengthen the Agreement by the non-minor principal, get a parent or guardian to sign on behalf of the minor child.

1. Make multiple copies. Give one to each party, especially the parent or guardian if the principal succeeds in getting their signature.

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