Offer Letter Template

Offer Letter Template

What is an Offer Letter?

An Offer Letter is issued by a company to a prospective employee as an offer to join their organization on a certain post subject to remuneration decided upon and other terms and conditions. An Offer Letter Template is recognized as a formal letter of offer for employment world over and even has legal sanctity.

What does an Offer Letter contain?

Since the offer letter is a proposal to the prospective employee, it lays down all the terms and conditions of the employment. A basic offer letter template would include the following:

  • A brief statement of the fact that the person to whom the letter is addressed has been selected for the job he applied for.
  • Description of the job title along with the scope of responsibilities.
  • Details about remuneration including any perquisites.
  • Details about probation period, if any.
  • Details about obligations of the employee if he chooses to accept the offer.
  • The date by which the person should convey his objection/ rejection of the offer along with the date on which he should report to the office.

Some other points to keep in mind

An Offer Letter is a very important document for both the company and the prospective employee. It is a chance for the company to welcome a new employee warmly as also to entice him to accept the offer with a positive description. On the other hand, the employee too can easily understand the terms of the contract through a brief reading of the offer letter. The language of an offer letter should always be simple yet crisp. Along with the offer letter, companies often send an employment agreement too which is required to be filled in if the offer is accepted.

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