Resignation Letter

Things to consider while signing employment contract

The legal system has evolved a lot in the recent years. The newer and stricter laws have made a lot of improvement, but they have also made some of the simple things very hard. For instance, companies have started to use very elaborate employment contracts that make them virtually untouchable law even if they are wrong. Thus, it is up to you that you be very careful while signing the contract. You should consider a few basic things to make sure that you will not face any issue in the future. So, here are those things that should be considered.

  • The most important thing is to make sure that the contract contains all the terms of your employment. This includes your salary, perks and other such things. Do not take any verbal promises from the employer. Get everything in writing before you sign the contract.
  • Be completely aware of the things that can get you fired. Sometimes the employers add very senseless terms to fire an employee, like not wearing appropriate clothes. Most of the times it is just to cover the real reason, which could be discrimination. You should be aware of these things, so that you can protect yourself in the future.
  • You should know how long before leaving you would have to give a resignation letter. Many companies keep a minimum period of one month, while others have a longer period. If you do not give the resignation letter early enough, you might be fined.

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