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Death Certificate, Request For

Free Printable Death Certificate, Request For FormFree Printable Death Certificate, Request For Form

Death Certificate, request for

A Death certificate is a formal and official document issued by the government that gives a proof of evidence of the deceased state of a person. It provides the information about the person who died, how he or she died, more information of the cause of death of a person as well as the personal information about the person who died. It is one of the most important documents we must process and settle about especially when it’s about our loved ones because of the following reasons:

  1. There’s an instances that the person who died has a life insurance. It can help a lot to the family of the person who died especially in financial matters. In claiming these kinds of matters, they will need to acquire a proof of evidence that the person has really died and if the way of his death is stated on the said insurance he or she has.
  2. If the person who died has a Pension, they will ask for the death certificate before you’ll have the financial help of the agencies or government departments that issued the Pension.
  3. A Death certificate is needed for the future marriage of the widow or widower. Some countries allow the second marriage only when there is proof that your spouse has already died.
  4. It is also important in settling accounts and properties of the person who died. Family can have the rights on the said properties when there’s a proof that you are his or her biologically family.

We can have and get it in the authorized agencies that give the said certificate. We can process it personally or not depending on the state of the person who needs it. There are cases of acquiring it through the other person but it needs evidence of confirmation that you allowed it. It should contain the exact name of the person who will get the death certificate, your name, the date of birth, address, basic information and the reason of acquiring death certificate. It can be paid personally or through Bank accounts. It needs the credit card number, expiration date and exact name of the card. It should be signed over a printed name and they will ask for a government-issued ID for security purposes. Be polite and make it professionally.


Death Certificate, Request for


To: Whom It May Concern:

Please forward to my attention a certified death certificate for:

Exact Name:
Date of Death:
Town or City of Birth:

I am the Executor or Trustee acting on behalf of the Estate of the Deceased. A copy of my authorization is enclosed.

Enclosed is my credit card information for your use to pay for my request:

Credit Card Number:
Expiration Date:
Exact Name on Card:

If you require a check instead, please send me the amount due in the enclosed stamped self-addressed envelope and I will send it to you by return mail.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter,

Best regards,

Executor or Trustee

Enc. Authority to Act

Death Certificate, Request for
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. Keep a copy of the transaction so you can send in a second notice. We recommend you make a phone call, if possible, to the proper location first to find out whether you need to have a bank check instead of a credit card, the correct amount of the total charge, and the proper department to send it to. On the other hand, if you have time and are not in a hurry, it can be less frustrating and just as effective in the long term, to send out an initial letter and let the bureaucracy grind slowly and respond at its pace.

As a Trustee or Executor you do not strictly need, as a rule, any authority to request an official death certificate. However, it simplifies and expedites matters if you include that authorization.



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