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Demand For A Shareholders Meeting


This review list is given to inform you about the document in question and to help you prepare it. This is an extremely effective tactic to employ against entrenched management. The act of sending it can result in productive outcomes that can limit the need for a meeting, at least temporarily.


Make several copies. Physically deliver a copy to an officer of the corporation, similar to service in litigation. Distribute copies to the other stockholders who signed

Demand for a Shareholders Meeting


The undersigned, being the holders of ____________________ % of ____________________ stock of ____________________, herewith demand that a general shareholders meeting be held as is provided by the corporate charter and bylaws of ____________________.

We wish the meeting to address the following issues and other such matters that may come up at the meeting: _______________________________________________________________.

_________ By the Shareholders

Dated: ____________________
Demand for a Shareholders Meeting
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. This is a powerful tool to use with entrenched management. The act of sending it can lead to productive results that may, at least temporarily, put off the need for a meeting.

1. Make multiple copies. Serve a copy on an officer of the corporation by hand, much like service in litigation. Send copies to the other signing shareholders.

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