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Letter Of Employment Verification

Letter Of Employment Verification Letter Of Employment Verification Letter Of Employment Verification Letter Of Employment Verification Letter Of Employment Verification Letter Of Employment Verification Letter Of Employment Verification Letter Of Employment Verification

Letter of Employment –

Every recognised organisation provide it new employees with a confidential letter which mentions about all necessary details including terms and conditions that employee must know before accepting the offer legally. Here are few key details that is included in Letter of Employment:

  • Job offer – It shall include designation, date of joining, job location etc.
  • Probation and confirmation – Duration new employee will be on probation period and basic requirement for confirmation in the organization.
  • Remuneration – It includes salary on which new employee is hired. It shall include full breakage of your salary structure like basic pay, HRA, conveyance allowance, medical reimbursement, PF contribution etc.
  • Leave policy – It shall also include leave employee is entitled to
  • Transfer – It shall include company’s rule on transfer of its employee based on business requirement
  • Confidentiality – It includes new employee’s contract to maintain confidentiality on any kind of company’s information. It many also document key IP rights in which company is sole owner
  • Service Agreement – Letter shall also mention employee’s agreement of employment with organisation and compensation on failing to do so.
  • Termination – It shall mention details in which employee is liable to be terminated. Reasons can vary from being non performer to uninformed leave for more than mentioned dates. It vary from organisation to organisation.
  • Notice period – Letter will mention the minimum tenure employee has to serve after submitting resignation
  • Background check and Service compliance – It varies from organisation to organisation and new employee must read it carefully

Letter of Employment created by an organisation will give new hires enough time to go thru it and provide confirmation and acceptance by his/her signature. This letter can be provided as both soft copy or hard copy.


Verification –

Verification is an act of confirming, testing or reviewing the facts laid by a host. It can be short term as well as long term. Many important deals need verification which is done on the basis of check lists. Failure in the process leads to termination of process started by host.

It is also a form of auditing. Verifier or auditor confirmation is much needed to successfully implement the process of verification.

Verification is done in most of business and non business related activities. Here are few of the activities that needs verification –

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Bank account
  • Loan
  • For employment
  • Police
  • Software verifying/testing
  • Residential
  • Quality
  • Identity

After any kind of above listed activity, verifier provides a Certification which confirms the fact.

Importance of verification –

Successfully verified product/service or document etc brings the trust and creditability in system. System is taken seriously and is just not based on gut-feeling. As the process of verification is based on clear testimony and fact therefore, it also improves and maintains equality irrespective of class, color and creed.


Points that negatively influence successful verification process –

  • Bribe to verifier/auditor
  • Other external influences like blood relation etc
  • Political pressure
  • Community pressure
  • Selfish intrest
  • Lack of information/knowledge
  • Inefficient checklist/process
  • Fraudulent activities/Fake document
  • Social influence
  • Lack of qualified verifiers

Verifying is an important phase of every successful authorisation. Quality management of the part can help in streamlining the entire process of auditing.

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