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Offer To Purchase A Vehicle

Free Printable Offer To Purchase A Vehicle FormFree Printable Offer To Purchase A Vehicle Form


This review list is being supplied to you in order to inform you about the document in question and to aid you in preparing it for submission. This agreement is beneficial to the buyer since it allows him or her to have the car inspected, arrange financing, or do anything else he or she may negotiate with the seller while still in the transaction. This contract enables the seller to secure the transaction by offering a limited window of opportunity, or time, for the potential buyer to resolve any outstanding concerns that have arisen. It also serves to clarify the agreement, ensuring that there are no areas of disagreement between the parties at a later time.


1. Make several copies of the document. Give one to each person who will be signing the document. One should be kept with the transaction file

Offer to Purchase a Vehicle


To: __________________

__________________ offers to purchase the following vehicle:

Body style:
Vehicle Identification Number:

for the following price: $ ______________
(___________________________________________ & no/100 dollars) plus applicable sales tax of ________ percent and the following described additional charges:
totaling $ ______________
(___________________________________________ & no/100 dollars) upon the following terms:

This offer shall expire unless accepted by ________________ at _____________.

Dated: __________________________________________

Accepted by:


Offer to Purchase a Vehicle
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. This document serves the buyer by allowing them to have the vehicle inspected, arrange financing, or whatever else he or she can negotiate with the seller. This document permits the seller to lock up the sale by providing a short window of opportunity, time, to close on the open issues with the prospective buyer. It also serves to formalize the arrangement so there are no points of contention between the parties at a later date.

1. Make multiple copies. Give one to each signatory. Keep one with the transaction file.

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