Personal Trainer Contract

Basics of Personal Trainer Contract:

Summary: When you are planning to enter into personal trainer relationship, it is better to have a personal trainer contract.

Regardless of whether you are looking for rolls of steel or wish to make your clients to lash into fitness, when you are entering into a personal training relationship, it is better to sign a personal trainer contract.

When to use the document?

If you are falling under any of the following categories, you can make use of this document:

  • If you are personal trainer with a new student and
  • If you are planning to hire a personal trainer.

What if you are a trainee?

On the basis of your workout goals, your personal trainer can turn out to be your best enemy or even a great friend. On the other hand, when you get into a personal trainer contract with your master, you can get the results that you expect from the training sessions. This means that you can use the document for outlining your expectations with respect to intensity and frequency of the workout.

Even, you can establish terms related to payment of fee and even if you think that a terminal clause will come handy, you can also include such a clause.

What if you are a personal trainer?

As a personal trainer, your aim will be to meet the requirements of your clients, but you will also be interested in prevention of late cancellations as well. In short, such an agreement will help you in dealing with situations like disagreement with your clients, unpaid sessions, etc. You can also specify the payment terms and any other conditions that you might feel essential.

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