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Ratification Of Marriage

Free Printable Ratification Of Marriage FormFree Printable Ratification Of Marriage Form

Ratification of Marriage

_______________________, referred to as HUSBAND, and _______________________, referred to as WIFE, declare and agree:

The parties were married on __________________ at _______________________________, and, WHEREAS, it is possible that the marriage may not have complied with all legal requirements, now, the parties hereby ratify said marriage to one another, waive any and all of such informalities and acknowledge that they are legally married and husband and wife.

Dated: ____________________
_______________________ By Husband


_______________________ By Wife

Witnesses as to HUSBAND:




Witnesses as to WIFE:

Ratification of Marriage
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. If you believe ratification of your marriage is a prudent step, be sure this document is witnessed by several people. As an extra ounce of precaution, you should probably get it notarized as well.

We are believers in the power of ratification in most legal circumstances. It eliminates much of the “I didn’t mean it” argument so often used by attorneys challenging the validity of agreements, especially those entered into without legal counsel. If in doubt at all about your marriage’s validity, then, get this document signed, sealed, and delivered.

1. Make multiple copies. A copy should be in your file related to your marriage; another in your home safe; one with your lawyer.

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  1. Sophia Johnson
  2. Elizabet Taylor
  3. Mia Davis
  4. Madison Moore
  5. Emma Smith
  6. Olivia Williams
  7. Abigail Wilson
  8. Emily Miller
  9. Isabella Jones
  10. Ava Brown

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