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Subrogation Agreement

Free Printable Subrogation Agreement FormFree Printable Subrogation Agreement Form



Subrogation, in simple definition, is the substitution of one person or group by another in reverence of an insurance claim, together with the recovery of any associated rights whereas subrogation, in the insurance part, occurs when the party at-fault has been taken into account by the other party (insured) due to an accident payment and the insurance company takes the responsibility on the financial aspects of the insured. It is a legal right taken by most insurance companies, which is to officially pursue a third party that brings about the loss of insurance to the policyholder. Subrogation mostly arises in three-party situations and there it varies from a jurisdiction to another depending on the situation on which the subrogation will be available.

In effect of subrogation, the subrogated party is permitted to implement the other party’s rights. Once the equity is recognized, the court may prompt the subrogation resolution by charges or other possible legal actions. To add on, not all claims may be subrogated.


A subrogation agreement or waiver is an arrangement between two parties in which one party agrees to put aside subrogation rights against another in cases of accident or loss. The intent of the waiver is to prevent one party’s insurer from pursuing subrogation against the other party. If you dislike complexities and time-consuming processes, this agreement could be beneficial on the parties involved for this agreement may just forbid you onto engaging in lawsuits and insurance claims. You may also want to check your knowledge about what you insurance policy says for not all policies will allow you to waive the subrogation rights of your insurance company.

Subrogation Agreement

WHEREAS, on ____________________, ___________________, an insurance company, was presented with a claim arising from:

under insurance coverage provided to ______________________, under its coverage for:

and, WHEREAS, on _________________________, ___________________ paid a claim in an amount of $ ____ (________________ & ____/100 dollars), with a deductible of $ _____(________ & ____/100 dollars), arising from the perils and covered by the policy stated above, NOW, THEREFORE:
______________________, his heirs and assigns, herewith assign and convey to ________________ and any all rights against any entity who may be liable to ______________________ for the loss stated above.
______________________ shall pursue any and all responsible parties at its own expense, and may at its option, bring such action in its own name or that of ______________________.
______________________ herewith covenants and agrees to fully assist ___________________ in pursuit of its rights of subrogation herein.
___________________ may at its option pursue the deductible loss of ______________________.

In the event that ___________________ does so, it shall notify ______________________, and, further, ______________________ agrees that if any recovery is made that it will share in all costs related thereto pro rata.

______________________ further agrees not to release or exonerate the adverse party or parties or enter into any compromise with them without the prior approval of ___________________.

______________________ shall execute any and all instruments reasonably required by ______________ in connection herewith.
Date: _____________________________________

Subrogation Agreement
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