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Sworn Statement Of Loss, General

Free Printable Sworn Statement Of Loss, General FormFree Printable Sworn Statement Of Loss, General Form

Sworn Statement of Loss, General


A Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss, basically,is a document that may be requested to submit following a claim on property loss. The purpose of the Proof of Loss is to obtain a formal statement from the policyholder regarding the reason behind the property loss. Insurance companies use this proof of loss to determine the circumstances and their liabilities for the asset loss. Filing a sworn statement of loss is beneficial on the part of the policyholder for it would be an aspect for the recovery of your vehicle. Well, depending on the agreed policy with your insurance company and the way it was worded, that is.


Information to be included in the form is your personal data and proof of ownership. The person to be addressed regarding the matter must also be in the document. Since a sworn statement of loss is to be handed on to your insurance company, the policy number and the duration of the policy must be stated and in some, the description of the policy is also stated. Your factual statement regarding the date, time, origin and cause of loss must definitely be reasonable and in all terms and conditions bona fide. Essential information to include also, of course, is the specifications of the property claimed to be loss. The actual cash value of the said property at the time of loss and the whole loss and damage is also to be filled up. The document is then to be signed by the notary public for legalities.


The bottom line is that all the statements in the Sworn Statement of Lost must be true and reasonable. Yes, it is just a single piece of paper but this piece of paper is very important. A Sworn Statement of Loss must be filed properly and in a timely manner for the insurance company can deny the said claim. Therefore, assistance from an attorney is essential so as to tell you what is really needed in the Sworn Statement of Loss.


Sworn Statement of Loss

Date policy issued: ___________________
Date policy expires: __________________

To the ___________________________________. At time of loss, by the above indicated policy of insurance you insured:
_________________________________________________________ against loss by __________________________, upon the property described by the under Schedule “A,” according to the terms and conditions of the same policy and all forms, endorsements, transfers and assignments attached thereto.

Time and origin: A ____ loss occurred about the hour of ____ __m., on the _______. The cause and origin of said loss were:

Occupancy: The building described or containing the property described, was occupied at the time of the loss as follows, and for no other purpose whatever:

Title and Interest: At the time of the loss the interest of your insured in the property described therein was _________.

Changes: Since the said policy was issued there has been no assignment thereof, or change of interest, use, occupancy, location or exposure of the property described, except: ______.

Total insurance: The total amount of insurance upon the property described by this policy was, at the time of the loss, $ _______ (____________&___/100 Dollars) as more particularly specified in the apportionment attached under Schedule “C,” besides which there was no policy or other contact of insurance, written or oral, valid or invalid.

The actual cash value of said property at the time of the loss was $ _______ (____________&___/100 Dollars). The Whole Loss and Damage was $ ________ (___________ & ___/100 Dollars)

The amount claimed under the above numbered policy is $ _________ (____________&___/100 Dollars) The said loss did not originate by any act, design or procurement on the part of your insured, or this affiant; nothing has been done by or with the privity or consent of your insured or this affiant, to violate the conditions of the policy, or render it void; no articles are mentioned herein or in annexed schedules but such as were destroyed or damaged at the time of said loss; no property saved has in any manner been concealed, and no attempt to deceive the said company as to the extent of said loss, has in any manner been made. Any other information that may be required will be furnished and considered a part of this proof. The furnishing of this blank or the preparation of proofs by a representative of the above insurance company is not a waiver of any of its rights.

State of ___________
County of __________

Subscribed and sworn to before me this ______ day of __________ 19______.

My Commission Expires:

Sworn Statement of Loss
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. This document is necessary on occasion to get paid on an insurance claim. It is also of use if you are self-insured and want to collect a deduction on your tax form from the IRS and your state authorities.

1. Make multiple copies. Get them notarized. Official bodies like the IRS and insurance companies like official looking documents. So do it.

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