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Credit Denial Notice

Free Printable Credit Denial Notice FormFree Printable Credit Denial Notice Form

Credit Denial Notice


Dated: ___________________

Dear __________________________:

Pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we are required to notify you that we have declined your application for ___________________________________________.

We have declined the application based on information contained in a consumer report obtained from _____________________, _______________________, and _.

Pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you may obtain the full disclosure of the nature and substance of the information concerning you on file with the credit-reporting agency. Proper identification may be required to obtain this.

Please contact __________________________ for further information.

Denier of Credit
Credit Denial Notice
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. You are entitled to deny credit with no cause, for facts uncovered in credit histories, but not for prejudicial purposes. People denied credit are entitled, by law, to this notice and similarly by law to receive any reports from credit agencies you may have used to make your determination. Businesses are not entitled to any of the above although some vendors provide this kind of letter as a courtesy.

1. Make multiple copies. Send one to the person denied credit. Keep one with the transaction file, should you retain one. Keep a copy in a general credit denial file.
2. Mail or faxing is sufficient notice. Time is not of the essence in this kind of notification though prompt responses are always sensible to do.

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  1. Abigail Wilson
  2. Elizabet Taylor
  3. Emma Smith
  4. Olivia Williams
  5. Isabella Jones
  6. Ava Brown
  7. Madison Moore
  8. Emily Miller
  9. Mia Davis
  10. Sophia Johnson

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