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Illustrator & Author Agreement

Free Printable Illustrator & Author Agreement FormFree Printable Illustrator & Author Agreement Form

Illustrator & Author Agreement

_____________________, referred to as WRITER, and _____________________, referred to as ILLUSTRATOR, agree:

WRITER has prepared a manuscript with a tentative title of ______________________, of approximately ______________________ words. Pursuant to the terms and conditions herein ILLUSTRATOR shall prepare certain materials to be incorporated in the work. The manuscript shall be delivered to the ILLUSTRATOR no later than _______________________. The materials contracted for herein shall be completed by the ILLUSTRATOR no later than _______________________, provided, that if the manuscript is delayed in delivery, that the date for delivery shall be adjusted accordingly.

WRITER shall reasonably cooperate with and assist the ILLUSTRATOR in preparation of the materials.
ILLUSTRATOR shall prepare the following, to the satisfaction of the WRITER:
1. a cover, with the original to be approximately ________________________________ in size in _______________________________ colors;

2. __________________________ illustrations related to the work, to be approximately ___________________________ in size and ___________________________.

As ILLUSTRATOR’s sole compensation herein, ILLUSTRATOR shall be paid a total fee of $______________________
(____________________________________ & ________________/100 dollars), to be paid as follows:

No further compensation shall be due. WRITER shall have the right to unlimited reproduction of the illustrations thereafter.

ILLUSTRATOR shall keep the existence of the work, and all information related to the same strictly confidential until the work is published or otherwise is released into the public domain.

ILLUSTRATOR shall receive credit in any distributed version of the work as the illustrator, in such places as are customary and usual within the trade for the type of work.

ILLUSTRATOR warrants that the materials delivered herein are the original work of the ILLUSTRATOR and that the same do not violate any copyright, trademark or other protection of intellectual property by ILLUSTRATOR. ILLUSTRATOR further warrants that ILLUSTRATOR has the full right to convey the rights granted to WRITER herein. ILLUSTRATOR shall indemnify the WRITER from any such claims related to the work of the illustrator. Provided, however, that in the event that the WRITER specifically requests in writing a particular form of rendering that the WRITER shall be responsible for such claims to the extent that they are proximately caused by the WRITER’s request.

This is the entire agreement between the parties, and the same may only be modified by a writing executed by the parties hereto.

Dated: _____________________
_____________________ Illustrator
_____________________ Writer
Illustrator & Author Agreement
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. This agreement can be adapted for a variety of artistic endeavors including, but not limited to, illustrator or artist and publisher.

1. Make multiple copies. Give a signed copy to each party.
2. Formalizing this kind of relationship is especially important because artwork has a very personal impact on those creating it-which can lead to anger and litigation if the exact terms and conditions are not met. Signed agreements eliminate most of the ambiguity and tend to tone down emotional issues surrounding such subjects.

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