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Letter Of Termination

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Letter of Termination – Some Fundamental Details to Know:

Summary: Letter of termination is a document that states that an employee is terminated from the services of an organization.

A letter of termination is a document in written form that officially states that an employee is fired from a job. Generally, employees are responsible for issuing this letter to an employee after conducting a formal termination meeting with the individual in the presence of an HR representative.

Information to be included:

Generally, this letter should have the details about the reasons for firing and also it may have details on severance and benefits, if any due to the staff on the date of termination of his job with the organization. It should also have details about the dates of service of the individual along with the details of the position he held so far with the organization.

What are the uses?

When stating about the uses of letter of termination to the employee, he can use it for the following purposes:

  • As a proof of employment history
  • For coordination of health insurance benefits
  • As a kind of employment verification
  • As a document for claiming unemployment benefits

When this is the case of an employee, from the perspective of an employer, this letter will work as a proactive step towards prevention of wrongful termination claims.

People involved in the termination process:

Generally, the process of termination will differ from one employer to another. However, most of the organizations involve both HR and the manager or supervisor of the particular individuals, whose job is about to be terminated.

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