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Rental Application

This Application is made to rent the following property: ___________________, for a term of _____________________, by ___________________ (“Applicant”).

Desired date of occupancy:
Desired length of occupancy:
Number of Bedrooms
Reason for moving:

The monthly rent shall be $_____________, payable on the first day of each month in advance.

The following amounts must be paid as a Deposit $___________, First Month’s Rent $________, Last Month’s Rent, and $_______ for Key and/or Utility Deposit (s).

An application fee $______ is due with this application. A nonrefundable credit report fee of $ _____ is also due with this application for the expenses involved in undertaking review of this Application.

Applicant understands that if this Application is accepted and Applicant fails to execute a Lease before the beginning date specified above, or to pay the required deposits and the first month’s rent, the application deposit will be forfeited as liquidated damages.

It is also understood that if the Application is not accepted, or if the premises are not ready for occupancy by Applicant on the beginning date specified above, the deposit shall be returned to Applicant, upon Applicant’s request.

Applicant understands that Landlord may perform a credit check to verify Applicant’s credit references and credit history in connection with the processing of this Rental Application.
Applicant Information

Present Address:
How long at present address:
Home Phone:
Office Phone:
Current email, if any:

Current Landlord’s Name:
Landlord Address
Current rent payment:
How Long at Address

Prior Address:

Landlord’s Name:
Landlord Address

Rent payment:
How Long at Address:
Reason for moving:

Social Security Number:
Driver’s License Number:
Date of Birth:
Car: ________, Year: __________.
Plate Number: __________.
Car: _______, Year: __________.
Plate Number: __________.

Sources of Income

Wages $ _________.
Salary $__________.
Commission $__________.
Other $__________.

Total Monthly: $ __________.

Other Credit

Bank: __________________. Branch: _____________. Account #: _______________.
Credit Card: _____________. Expiration Date: _________. Balance, if any: $______.
Credit Card: _____________. Expiration Date: _________. Balance, if any: $______.

Emergency Information

In an emergency, who should we contact?

Name, Address, Phone Number, and email: ___________________________________

Any other information

Please list any other information you believe relevant:

I authorize Landlord to investigate my credit for the purposes of becoming a tenant.




I authorize Landlord to investigate my credit for purposes of guaranteeing the payments of the Lease

Guarantor, if any
Rental Application
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. Rental applications reveal a host of information about the subject. They are well worth giving out, having filled out, and kept as a permanent record. If you keep your documents in sets, including verification of employment and bank account information, you will improve the odds of selecting good tenants. In addition, you will gather important data should you have a problem with a tenant. Examples include getting credit card and bank information to use if a problem develops.

1. Have the applicant sign a copy. Have a co-signor, if one is involved, sign the same copy.

Free Printable Rental Application Form Free Printable Rental Application Form Free Printable Rental Application Form


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