Consent Legend For Private Shares

Consent Legend for Private Shares

Not Transferable Without the Consent of a Majority
of the Stockholders.

The securities represented by this certificate have not
been registered under the (Federal) Securities Act of
1933 or applicable securities act of any state but have
been issued in reliance upon exemptions from
registration contained in said acts. No sale, offer to
sell or other transfer of the securities represented by this
certificate may be made unless a registration statement
under said acts is in effect with respect to the securities
or an exemption from the registration provisions of such
acts is then applicable.

Consent Legend for Private Shares
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. This consent legend should be printed on the back of each certificate issued in a private company. It clearly notifies any purchasing party of the restrictions placed upon the stock and thereby protects the company, its officers, directors, and indirectly its shareholders.


  1. Madison Moore
  2. Ava Brown
  3. Emily Miller
  4. Abigail Wilson
  5. Isabella Jones
  6. Elizabet Taylor
  7. Sophia Johnson
  8. Olivia Williams
  9. Mia Davis
  10. Emma Smith

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